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Remote IT Helpdesk support is a term which is tossed around a lot now a days in common IT speak. Every now and then, you as a business owner will see this terminology or it’s variation ‘Remote IT Helpdesk support’ popping up in your social media feed. The thing to be highlighted is that IT Helpdesk support is often advertised as a cheaper option and catches the eye of the small business owner.
Let us be clear. Remote IT Helpdesk support is great for most of the companies as all you have to do is click a button to create a ticket or simply just pick up your phone and call. There are heaps of BAU issues that only require remote IT Helpdesk Support for example a password reset on a workstation or installing a new software. The point to ponder here is that Remote IT Helpdesk support is great in lots of scenarios but not in all cases. Most people do not realise until it happens to them wherein they might need someone onsite.
Small business who have experienced system failure or a Major IT crisis second us when we say that having an onsite technician for major failures such as server failure, hardware failures, HDDs replacements etc. is very crucial. There is only so much a remote team can do as it heavily relies on working internet, hardware and networking equipment. In such major scenarios, it is really comforting to have someone right with you, taking care of the glitches and failures. Let’s not forget that while troubleshooting major issues, communication becomes a key deciding point between the outcome of frustration and resolution. It is always hard to keep all the stake holders in the loop at the same time while trying to fix the issues.
Apart from it there are a lot of technical issues which hinder the prompt resolution such as taking assistance from your employees to take out the HDDs or to replace some hardware or restarting servers etc. Not only this, some of the ‘remote only’ companies either cannot support your hardware or they want you to ship it to them which is not very convenient for an organisation already dealing with one workstation being down. This does not end here. You then have to negotiate the shipping price, return label and packaging cost. Alternatively, if you have onsite support, you can avoid this all unnecessary hassle. Onsite technicians can easily deal with such issues and can back up your system, supply you with an alternate system while fixing the existing one onsite. In our honest opinion, you can be more efficient and have the least amount of downtime when working with an IT Helpdesk support provider which has both onsite and remote capabilities. This gives you a one stop shop for all your technological issues whereas it also means that one IT provider understands your entire infrastructure and can act swiftly in case it is required. We at Setup4 can assist you in reviewing your current support plan and analyse if the support process can be made more efficient for you.
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Setup4 - leave IT to us

Setup4 - leave IT to us

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