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Why Using Social Media Campaigns Can Benefit Your Business!

By Northside Digital Marketing

Why Using Social Media Campaigns Can Benefit Your Business!

02/06/2017 One of the things I get clients say to me is “Social Media won’t work for our business” So it forces a lot of businesses not to use this form of marketing. By fear, it won’t work or be a waste of time. But it’s actually a lack of understanding. You think about, millions of people everyday log in to check their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the list continues. So when you have access to a system you know millions use and you can target the audience to market to, don’t you think it’s worth the time? I always educate my clients and get them to view my Northside Digital Marketing Facebook page, there is one post that has over 5k likes, that’s 5,000 people in 3 days who not only saw my brand but engaged with the post. You know how much it cost me? $30! I am not saying that will happen for you every time and all the time. But creating effective campaigns will not only generate brand awareness but leads as well. Social media marketing is more cost effective than Google Adwords and you get to know your audience better, what do they like, what do they want to see, what sparks their interest. By learning you create effective campaigns that lead to more business and awareness. Please see some helpful tips if you are thinking about engaging or using social media marketing in your business.

Patience Is A Virtue
It won’t happen overnight, campaigns like any require time, start by making a post. It can be an offer or a simple image. Post it in the morning and wait until about 8 pm, see how many likes and views you have had. At this point boost the post for $20 and then check again 24hrs later to see the response. Monitor and above all have patience! Posts of Facebook take time for people to see and to catch on. After this point, your post could catch on and go viral – costing you nothing and generating business!

Selecting Your Audience To Target
Before you go to boost, though, think about who should be selected for your audience to target and what areas. Facebook allows you to target by industry, work position, interests and more. So think about your audience, who needs this product? Who benefits from your post? What do you want to achieve with this offer? Then you can geographically pick where to target.

Stick With It! But Don’t Overkill!
You know yourself if you logged into Facebook every day and saw the same company post 3 things a day, you would block it! Your audience is the same, so post but post relevant information and don’t overkill with 3 posts a day, plan and execute effectively. Start by posting one piece of content a day and then as you grow you will learn when to post, what to post and how frequently.

Make It Fun, Interesting & Engaging!
Planning, think of content that gets people's interest. You could give an offer, maybe a 10% discount off your services or online store. Content pieces for blogging – think of problems your clients have advised and create a solution piece to spark interest from new readers. Funny Images or videos. Videos are great for engaging clients – remember the LOL Cats? Still today I see them, its trending and people find it amusing, so don’t be afraid to post a funny video, the more people see it – the more they see your brand! And with every engagement, you can send them an invite to like your page!

Choose the Social Network That Is Right For You!
Yes, Facebook has all the buzz and I have spoken more about it than any other network. But that doesn’t mean just focus on Facebook. Twitter is just as effective and others like Pinterest, Instagram and even LinkedIn. It can’t hurt your business to be listed across all of them and to share the post across these networks as well. It can create more awareness and more opportunities to be seen and cause interest.

I hope this will benefit in some way and if you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

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