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Why Choose a Custom Built Shed from NWSM?

By NWSM Building Group

Why Choose a Custom Built Shed from NWSM?

03/15/2017 Although most commonly known hardware stores sell pre-made sheds, they often only come in a single shape and size and don’t accommodate all versatile needs. More and more people in Perth are making the switch to custom-designed sheds. A custom built shed provides a useful amenity that can be fine tuned to your specific needs and are available at any size for any location. The NWSM Building Group offers dynamic and useful custom built sheds that can accommodate any project or yard, and the advantages of such a shed are limitless.
Consider the Types of Sheds
Sheds can be made to fit a variety of custom spaces for a variety of custom projects. Read about the different types of sheds that may accommodate your interests:

  • Residential garages. NWSM can build custom garages to accommodate any number of cars. Standard garage doors are built into the unit and can be installed in any location, as long as room permits. Standard sizes in Perth range anywhere from 3.8 metres x 6.2 metres to 6.7 metres x 15.3 metres. Custom sizes are also available.
  • Residential sheds. Custom sheds can be designed to suit your needs. Whether it’s a storage shed in the backyard, or a small garage in the front, NWSM can work with you to build and install sheds of any type.
  • Multi-purpose workshop sheds. Standard workshop sheds are always available for design and installment at NWSM. In Perth, you’re likely to find a custom shed that can fit up to 8 metres wide. Custom sized sheds can be installed in garages, backyards, or any outdoor area.
  • Structural sheds and steel buildings. All steel buildings are custom designed for your specific needs. NWSM can build anything from 15 metres to over 100 metres in size.
Custom Built Sheds Maximise Your Potential and Create the Most Flexibility
A custom crafted shed gives you a one of a kind item that nobody else in your neighborhood will be able to duplicate. You can add any features you like, whether that consists of a workbench, car garage space, insulated heating, windows, flooring and more. Any type of storage or workplace shed can easily be installed into your Perth home to help you complete the project of your dreams.
The Best Materials Around
The pre-made sheds at local hardware stores might be convenient for a fast and immediate purchase, but the quality of materials and construction comes nowhere close to a custom built shed. NWSM offers top of the line materials and employs a staff of professionals who can make any personalised design a reality. Using the best materials available, your custom shed will pass all professionals’ inspections and can guarantee its longevity and diverse usefulness. With custom sheds, you can be equipped with everything you need. The steel at NWSM is custom made Australian steel sourced from Bluescope.
Fun Customisable Options
After determining the custom size and design of your shed, as well as the type of shed and the location you want it installed in, you can work with NWSM Building Group to add some truly personalised touches. Your shed or installed garage can be equipped with fun and delicate features such as door rollers, gutters, downpipes, thermal installation and inside insulation, wall vents, a slanted roof, personal access doors, and more. The unit can be made in Colorbond or Zincalume for effect. Add windows and air conditioning for a comfortable and personalised workspace. Protective roofing can shield your car from the elements and create a space with decent temperature and lighting.

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