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What Is The Basic Difference Between Dermal Fillers And Botox Treatment?

By Main Street Cosmetic & Skin

What Is The Basic Difference Between Dermal Fillers And Botox Treatment?

08/22/2019 The concept of cosmetic surgery is not new to the world, and has been used by most of the celebrities for hiding their actual age or the marks of ageing. But, as the whole process is quite lengthy and expensive it is not within the reach of a layman, moreover, as the person undergoing the cosmetic surgery has to follow lots of post treatment precautions, most of the people adopt other methods to combat with the problem of looking older with growing age. Interestingly, going through the vast researches in this field, the treatment of Botox and Dermal fillers has emerged as a boon to control the impacts of ageing.
An appreciating feature of these treatments is that both of them are miles ahead from conventional surgery and do not require the person to undergo any type surgery. Interestingly, the whole treatment is mainly restricted to only use of an injection that is injected on the affected portion of the face. Going through various benefits offered by both these treatments they are gaining huge popularity across the world, but still there are lots of people who get confused between the terms Botox and Dermal Fillers. To get rid of this problem, it therefore, becomes imperative to understand the basic difference between both of them.

What are Dermal Fillers: As a general practice dermal fillers are injections filled elements also known as soft tissues, that are helpful in filling the lines and add volume to the facial skin, making it look young and soft. The elements that are used for making the dermal fillers are:

  1. Hyaluronic acid: Found in fluids and tissues available in the human body and helpful in increasing plumpness of the skin.

  2. Polylactic acid: Stimulates the skin for generating extra collagen.

  3. Calcium hydroxylapatite: A mineral found mainly in human bones.

  4. Polymethyal-methacrylate microsphere: It is a type of semi-permanent filler. and,

  5. Polyalkylimide: A gel compatible to human body.

As all these elements are found in the human body, it is regarded as the natural way of removing the signs of growing age. The results of the dermal fillers mainly continue for six months to two years and above.

Where it is possible to undergo the treatment of Dermal fillers: Depending upon the age of a person the treatment of fillers is used for following problems:

  1. Plumping the thin lips;

  2. Removing the wrinkles or dark circles below the eyes;

  3. Removing the recessed scars;

  4. Filling the thin cheeks;

  5. Finally the last but not the least, removing the stubborn wrinkles appearing on the cheeks and chin.

The persons struggling with all the above mentioned problems can now undergo the treatment are enjoying the benefits offered by dermal fillers in Melbourne and throughout the world.

What is Botox Treatment: Botox can be described as the treatment that is helpful in removing the wrinkles that start appearing on the face as the age grows and are visible for performing various facial actions. The areas of face where Botox is effective are lines between the eye brows, forehead and cheeks. The results of botox mainly continue for three to four months.

Difference between the Dermal Fillers and Botox Treatment:

Dermal Fillers mainly make use of substances like hyaluronic acid and other to fill or plump the flesh of the face from where it has lost its softness and volume. The major areas include thin lips, wrinkles across the mouth and cheeks. Along with this, fillers can also be used on scars, forehead wrinkles, etc, which require extra smoothness and volume.

Botox: The Botox basically freezes the facial muscles so that the wrinkles are not able to crease during facial expressions. The injections of botox are mainly applied on the upper face including forehead and the area across the eyes.

Last longing: The dermal fillers mainly last from six months to two years, depending upon the quality and the age of a person. Whereas Botox mainly continue for three to six months.

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