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Do you know how to maintain your bathroom plumbing?

By Gillies Group

Do you know how to maintain your bathroom plumbing?

09/12/2019 There are basics rules that everybody abides by when it comes to one's bathroom:
1 - you gotta clean it
2 - If there is an issue, you're gonna feel it and you have to deal with it.
3 - chances are you don't know how to DIY probably and you will make the issue worse if you try.
We specialise in plumbing maintenance for residential and commercial and we have to tell you: we have seen it is all. The thing is though, there are things everyone can do at one to maintain their plumbing that can help prevent water disasters. They are just not very commonly done.
The main encountered plumbing issue is blocked pipes, so what can you do about it?

  • keep it clean - that is to say keep your toilets, sinks and shower drain as clean as possible. Don't let hair or anything else go down unless you have no other choice. Clean oily residue with a sponge so they don't go down the pipe.
  • Do not flush anything that cannot decompose - especially these "flushable" wipes that cause tremendous plumbing issues ad fatbergs every year
  • Use a drain stop everywhere so you can catch hair and residue
  • Clean your drains regularly with a mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar. Avoid toxic products that will erode your pipes.

Now another common issue is leaking pipes. What can you do about it to prevent them from leaking or bursting? This issue must be taken seriously as you might not be aware of water leaks - some of them can be hidden below ground and only your water bill could indicate there is an issue. To avoid having to hire a plumber for water leak detection and costly repairs, what can you do?
  • Replace your old pipes. Old pipes from the 70's are often corroded, making them weak and less able to deal with blockage when the pressure gets too high.

If the issues are too serious, call a licensed plumber
Avoid all the stress and difficulties involved in searching for a perfect plumbing company, you should try getting licensed plumbers who will be able to deal with whatever bathroom issue you might have. A bathroom plumbing expert, in the long term, saves you both time and money in fixing your different plumbing needs. If you try to do it yourself, your insurance won't cover the damage and you still will have to hire a professional plumber to fix the issue.

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