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Gas Fittings, Maintenance and Repairs

By Sydney Plumbing Hot Water and Gas

Gas Fittings, Maintenance and Repairs

06/21/2016 As gas is highly flammable, it should be treated with due respect and should always get certified technicians to work on any of the gas fittings/installations, maintenance, and repairs. Never take the risk!
Plumbers devote 6 years at the trade school to obtain their full license as well as gain experience through on the job training. Licensed gas fitter plumbers can effortlessly fix a gas leak; perform gas fittings/installation, maintenance services, and repairs.

Plumbing Services in Sydney
Under the Home Building Act of 1989 of NSW, gas fitting work ought to be performed by a licensed gas fitter through NSW Fair Trading. So, you have the right to ask the gas fitter plumber to show their license prior to commencing any work.

Sydney Plumbing Hot Water & Gas provides plumbing services that include all gas fittings, repairs and maintenance services, which are performed by licensed and experienced plumbers so you do not have to take any worries.

Suppose, you are smelling gas, you need to call a certified gas fitter plumber at the earliest.
It could happen that you may not even know about the gas leak in your own home. Gas leaks are very hazardous and can cause serious injuries and even death if left unattended. Children can be captured by the fumes faster than adults. Indeed, gas leaks are grave and can cause fire, explosions and even deaths.

A very familiar sign of a gas leak is the smell of decayed eggs. This odor is added to gas as a warning indicator to help in the finding of the leak.

There is a different method of checking for a gas leak - switch off all your gas appliances and watch your gas metre to see if the metre is still running.
Additionally, you can spray soapy water onto to suspected pipes and/or fittings to examine for a gas leak. A gas leak is confirmed if bubbles are found.

If you smell gas or detect a gas leak, call Sydney Plumbing Hot Water & Gas on 0402-487-444 immediately! Our professionals know the dangerous nature of a gas leak and so will come to your property as soon as possible and correct the leak. Thus, you will feel safe and at peace in your home once again.

Installing Gas Appliances

The team at Sydney Plumbing Hot Water & Gas are fully licensed and experienced to perform installations of gas appliances maintaining the complete safety of your home and business. Our local gas fitters have good experience in new gas lines fitting and in replacement and upgrading of existing gas lines be it for a new or existing home or business. When dealing with gas, safety is always vital to our technicians. When you assign gas appliances installation job to Sydney Plumbing Hot Water & Gas, be rest assured that you and your family are in safe hands.
Gas System Compliance Certificates

When a new gas system is installed or when your existing gas system is upgraded or modified, always request for Gas System Compliance Certificate. Compliance certificates certify that whatever work has been done adheres to Australian standards in gas fitting and the work has been completed by a licensed gas fitter.

If the work is performed by an unlicensed gas fitter and/or no gas certificate has been issued then you may have to face some impending danger such as:-

  • It may nullify your insurance.
  • It may nullify warranty of your appliances.
  • It may have your current gas supply disconnected.
  • You may not be able to get your gas connected or bottles installed or replaced.
  • It may pose a high risk to the safety of your entire household.
  • It may cause fire or explosion from a gas leak.

Thus, ensure all your gas fittings/installations, maintenance services, and repairs are carried out by only licensed gas fitter in Sydney.

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