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Caretaking Services

By Driven Facilities Management

Caretaking Services

03/17/2017 Property managers and owners have numerous responsibilities; therefore, it is difficult for them to manage the property. Property managers and owners often employ a caretaker to oversee the property maintenance and caretaking roles on their behalf. Caretakers are liable to ensure that the property is maintained in good condition. The caretaker of DFM can perform potential roles, such as building, cleaning, and gardening maintenance tasks and property checking. The property is monitored for issues organizing or performing repairs and keeping manager or owner informed. Here are some tips for building managers to maintain the value of the property and get most from caretaking:

• Regularly inspect the building
• Program schedule maintenance before making a problem worse
• Carry out your regular inspections to recognize defects
Maintain Regular Maintenance of Building
Building requires proper maintenance and cleaning. Uncleaned water after rain can cause rusting of metal sheets. To maintain the building properly, it is essential to clear rainwater to protect your property.
Ensure Waterproof Decks and Garage
Decks and garages are exposed to humidity and moisture. If these are not constructed with the waterproof material, these will ultimately get damaged after some years. To save your valuable money, you should consider waterproof material for the construction of decks and garage.
Focus on the Ventilation of Building
It is essential to consider the construction of building with ventilated material. Solid floors are designed without ventilation, and these can be a problem for you in the future. Moisture accumulation in unventilated apartments will increase wood worms and chances of rotting.
Proper and timely maintenance can save your property from different problems. Professional caretaking services can help you to save money, and you can enjoy the peace of mind. With Driven Facilities Management. It will be easy for anyone to shape the property and offer high-quality living standards to residents.

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