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Compelling call to actions

By Dilate Digital Pty Ltd

04/21/2016 Have you invested your money in your online marketing, only to be left without the results you were hoping for? This can be a hard bump in the road, but never fear- Dilate knows a few simple tricks to rework into your strategy, so you can get your campaign back on track.
There is always a purpose behind creating your content, whether you want the reader to use your services or purchase your product, or simply anything you want from your reader, like to learn a new skill. But it can be difficult to compel your reader to take a specific action, so the focus should be thrown on every aspect of your page including the design and your content. But the true emphasis should be on a compelling call to action.
So, how do you create a powerful call to action that can take your business huge leaps ahead with that one small click?
Be straight to the point:
You don’t need long-winded talk to convince your customer. In fact, beating around the bush works the other way. To grip the reader with your product, convey your message directly and quickly. Tell them what you would like them to do, and make the call to action straightforward and short.
Use simple and strong words that users can readily connect with. It’s well known that simple phrases like “download our brochure”, “sign up now” or “submit your mail” will work more than a three or four line paragraph.
Maintain a unique approach
You are only one of the numerous players on the internet trying to grab your customer’s attention, so unless your approach is unique and clear compared to the competitors, the chances of turning the reader into a potential client are very small.
Adopt a unique method of marketing your product; keep it simple, and something that easily connects with the reader’s purpose.
Use actionable words
In content marketing, verbs are your friends. They add immeasurable value to the call to action by giving clear directions to the readers. For example, go through the two sentences below to understand the action a verb initiate in a call.
“We will send a free sample to customers who contact us.”
“Call us today for your free sample.”
The second sentence is short, simple, and the verb call is helping to add more action to the phrase. Though every sentence has a verb in it, how you present the idea is also a powerful factor.
Maintain Urgency
To convert a user into a client, you should employ a sense of urgency in the call, such as a message conveying a lost opportunity or sale if prompt action isn’t taken - If not, a postponed lead is a lost lead. Introductory offers are also working models for convincing the user to make a purchase immediately.
Make it easy
Your call to action should seamlessly navigate the user to the performing task, as a complicated call to actions will usually end up in the too-hard-basket for your potential customer. These things happen when you ask customers to call on a number, which takes more effort and a little money. Your call to action should not demand more time, and it works best when it is free.

Creating a compelling call to action needs quality time and creative thoughts. A simple call to action is your first step to a successful conversion. It is essential to stand out from the crowd and be unique in the way you promote your product, but if this isn’t exactly your area of expertise then give us a call here 1300 345 283 at Dilate. We are digital marketing trailblazers, and love revamping our clients online marketing strategies to get the best results.

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